Client Libraries

Coming soon!

We are currently in the process of deprecating our existing SDKs (which can be found in GitHub repositories) due to a number of known issues and moving to client libraries that are autogenerated from the Open API Specification (OAS).

We are making the journey to a contract first API development approach. As part of it, we have just released a new OpenAPI Specification (OAS) version 3 file, which has been published to a public URL and soon we will follow with a GitHub repository. Alongside the OAS in github we will publish a 'readme' to provide instructions on how we are autogenerating the client libraries for Java, Python & NodeJS.
We are now moving to consume the client libraries generated from it ourselves as part of our platform implementation. Our API reference will be autogenerated directly from that file too - meaning that the OAS is the one true definition of our Yapily API.

Today, OAS is the common way to share API definitions and allows developers to pick their favourite language and auto generation tool to create the client library they need in a language of choice.