Institutions FAQs

A range of frequently asked questions and answers.

What is an Institution?

Please see Yapily's guide on Institutions for more information.

How can I test without using live accounts?

Please see Yapily's guide on sandboxes.

What set of features can each Institution provide?

The features array in the Institution response informs all the features a particular Institution supports. The full list of features available in Yapily are listed in FeatureEnum.

For Yapily's signed customers, you can request the latest coverage from Yapily in spreadsheet form by emailing

How do I find out when an Institution is experiencing downtime?

Monitoring information is available for Yapily clients using the GET Institution and GET Institutions endpoints. If not already enabled, please reach out to to request this to be enabled:

  "monitoring": {
    "ACCOUNT": {
      "status": "Up",
      "lastTested": "2020-08-26T17:46:40.901Z",
      "span": "P14DT9H5M26.458S"
    "IDENTITY": {
      "status": "Expired",
      "lastTested": "2020-08-25T18:33:45.255Z",
      "span": "PT22H15M37.897S"
      "status": "Up",
      "lastTested": "2020-08-26T17:46:40.008Z",
      "span": "P14DT9H5M27.347S"
      "status": "Expired",
      "lastTested": "2020-08-21T12:43:51.838Z",
      "span": "P5DT4H5M31.314S"