European Prerequisites

European prerequisites for customers who are regulated as AISPs and/or PISPs

Obtaining eIDAS Certificates

For registrations that will be used to connect to any Institution in Europe, you will need to obtain eIDAS certificates which will be used to identify yourself as a verified AISP and/or PISP. The certificates are otherwise known as the QWAC and QSEAL certificate types and can be obtained by Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) within Europe.

See the list of Trusted QTSPs in your desired countries by checking "Qualified certificate for electronic seal" and "Qualified certificate for website authentication".

Be aware that the issuing of these certificates do come at a financial cost.

Naming your eIDAS certificates

Before you upload your eIDAS certificates to the Yapily Dashboard, use the following naming convention to better identify your certificates:


You should end up with the following four files: