International Payments

Further reading on how to create international payments with Yapily.


While rarely supported by every Institution, if the relevant INTERNATIONAL payment type is available, it is possible to make international payments with the Yapily API. This is done by taking the required properties for a Domestic Single Payment, Domestic Periodic Payment or Domestic Scheduled Payment and providing additional information to make to eligible as an international payment.

International Payment Request

A scheduled payment can be created by specifying all the mandatory properties of the single, periodic or scheduled payment along with the following properties in the PaymentRequest:

  • (mandatory) - Specify the name of the Payee
  • internationalPaymentRequest.currencyOfTransfer (mandatory) - Specify the 3 letter currency code in which to make the transfer
  • internationalPaymentRequest.chargeBearer (optional) - Specify who should bare the chargers. See ChargeBearerType for more information
  • internationalPaymentRequest.exchangeRateInformation (optional) - Specify more details of the currency exchange rate and contract
  • internationalPaymentRequest.priority (optional) - Specify the priority of the paymet. See PriorityCodeEnum for more information
  • internationalPaymentRequest.priority (optional) - Specify the external purpose as a ISO20022 purpose code value.


International payments are also executed with cross-border charges which are passed on to the user and should be displayed by the Institution once the user is redirected to give their authorisation.